Proverbs 15:13

” A cheerful hearts brings a smile to your face; a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day” Proverbs 15:13 The Message

Today I had a cheerful heart, which was desperately needed after a week of having a sad heart. One never wants to attend a funeral, let alone find out the funeral is taking place in 2 hours. That was the beginning to my day last Wednesday. One week ago today, I did my usual morning routine of getting on the computer and checking my email. As usual, there is the weekly email from the pastor of our former church, which I always read. Total shock encompasses me as I read that a member has not only died, but has committed suicide…………and I know him. I know his wife. I know his youngest daughter. I know he has 4 children. Even though I was not close to this man, I do not remember ever having a conversation directly with him, and I had limited conversations with his wife, I was still shocked to the core of my being. Tears for his family instantly filled my eyes. Tears for the pain he obviously endured in silence. These tears continue even now.

The second half of this verse has been my entire week. My heart has been heavy with sadness for his family. Not just his wife and kids, but also for his sister who spoke at his funeral, his parents, his other siblings, his cousins, nieces, nephews, every member of his family that has been affected by this loss. His Navy family as well, his friends and coworkers he worked with on a daily basis, his commanding officer, his chaplain. I saw more than one “tough guy” in his Navy whites wiping away tears as they left the chapel.

Then, I had today. God blessed me with a power outage. Last night the power went out, of course turning off my computer in a way my computer did not appreciate. Since it was late I went to bed and didn’t think twice about it. Then this morning, within 5 minutes of each instance we lost power twice. I took advantage of the “issue” and tried to catch up on my reading from (I am dreadfully behind). As a result, I completely missed my Joyce Meyer daily devotion (which is about 2 paragraphs long each day) and I read 6 chapters in Isaiah before I had to leave for my doctor’s appointment. I then took my son for a treat at Burger King for Cinnabon’s, as he was very protective of me not getting hurt with the needle. We then went to the park and I played with him. I think we went down every slide together (even if it was a tight squeeze for me) and I pushed him in the swing and watched his smile grow and enjoyed his laughter. Our final adventure before returning home was walking through the arboretum and finding the lake……..although I did misread the map and got us a little lost along the way. Overall, we had about 2 hours of being outside, exploring nature, enjoying our time together. Enjoying life.

Because I spent time in His Word — not just a book about His Word, but in His Word — I have been blessed with a day of laughter. I have been blessed with a feeling of such peace that almost perplexes me. My heart is still broken over the loss of this man, over the pain his family and our church family is enduring. But I know my heart is healing. I can feel the healing taking place.

The other verse which completely explains my day is from Psalm. I will end with this promise from my loving Jesus:

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning” Psalm 30:5b New Living Translation


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