Hello Mornings Week 6

hello mornings




Only one day late this time, yay! Although, technically today is the beginning of week 7 and I did not read my portion of John for today…boo! But I am going to read it tonight after I put my son to bed, then get back at it tomorrow morning. Here we go….


Day 1: John 9:1-17

For some reason, I have no notes for this passage.


Day 2: John 9:18-33

You big bullies! lol. That is my first reaction when I read this passage. The Jewish leaders were so hypocritical. In verses 28-31 we read that the Jewish leaders asked him again who healed him and how. At first he sounded annoyed to be repeating himself, then we read “Do you want to become His disciples too? Then they cursed him…”

They cursed him and threw him out of the synagogue. All because they didn’t want to admit that they, the Jewish leaders of high authority, were no better than this poor, blind beggar. They did not want to look at their own sin, but were perfectly content to point out everyone else as sinners…even Jesus!


Day 3: John 9:34-41

“If you were blind, you wouldn’t be quilty,” Jesus replied. “But you remain guilty because you claim you can see.” v 41

The pharisees asked Jesus if He was saying that they were blind, and Jesus responded with verse 41. He was warning them because he doesn’t want them to be separated from Him, but they refused to see what needed to be seen.


Day 4: John 10:1-21

In these Scriptures, we read Jesus’ tale of the true shepherd and the hired hand, and how differently they treat the sheep. One of the many tales He told that people simply could not understand. And we can see the free will of the people as well. Even though Jesus was their promised Messiah, He didn’t give them what they wanted but what they needed. There was a division among the people because everyone had to decide for themselves whether they were going to believe and follow Jesus. He could have made them (and us) follow blindly, but He lets it be our choice.


Day 5: John 10:22-42

Again, no notes for this passage.


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