Week 10 Challenge~Hello Mornings

hello mornings

Today’s post is going to be a bit different. I didn’t really have a lot to write, but I had a heart-to-heart with my journal on Day 2.

The week’s readings and links are here, the notes (what notes there are) will follow:

Day 1: John 15:18-16:3

Day 2: John 16:4-15

Day 3; John 16:16-24

Day 4: John 16:25-33

Day 5: John 17:1-19

Day One Notes:

Jesus warns His disciples that they will have harsh times ahead, including death for their faith and testimony. His warning wasn’t just for His disciples then, it is for us now. WE are His disciples. We are to be trained in His teachings and follow His instructions and listen to His voice. And the world will disapprove, some more vehemently than others.

Day Two Notes:

“Oh, there is so much more I want to tell you, but you can’t bear it now.” v 12

What if, when we ask God to reveal His plan for our life, He only reveals bits and pieces because the entirety of His plan is too much for us to fathom and we would become overwhelmed? If I were to pray for Him to reveal my purpose on this earth and He said “I want you to get your doctorate and start a mission on the southern hemisphere by the time you are 40”, I would be flabbergasted and would start researching Doctorate programs and the country He named and what it takes to be a citizen and what the government is like. I personally would inevitably say “Okay, God, I got this. Thanks”. Or else I would say “Ha! yeah right! Sorry, I don’t think so”.

Instead, when I earnestly sought His voice and His plan for my life, He simply said “Children…Australia”. Nothing more. Naturally, I started researching Australia, the government, citizenship, etc. But I was finding myself drawn to the beliefs and lifestyle of the Aborigines. Their native folklore and legends, and the history between themselves and the early missions.

That was when I saw the pieces of the puzzle fall together regarding my full calling to Australia. To start a mission that was about loving them and not changing them. A place where the children can come for school, adults who need a formal education or training for an occupation can get one, a hospital/clinic that will not turn you away if you cannot pay in full during your visit, an orphanage to care for the children who have either lost their parents or whose parents are unable (or unwilling) to care for them, a Bible school for those who want to attend. And if someone wants to come to ANY of these but is unable, we will go to them.

This has become my heart’s dream, and I pray that everything lines up with God’s will.

It was a few months ago, as I was about to finish my Associate in Accounting that I heard God whisper “Bachelor’s…Business”.

I have received the next step, and I am praying that God will either reveal the exact school/program I am to attend, or tell me “It’s your call”.  But I know He will, I must simply practice patience and continue to seek His voice.


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