Ephesians 4:1-16

Dozed a bit this morning, woke up twice before the alarm. But my sleep is getting more solid and consistent which has always been a huge struggle. And today is Wednesday! That means Duck Dynasty! And if I’m really good and use my God given spirit of self-discipline, it also means one episode (and ONLY one) of Bad Ink.

I always seem to have the most difficult time on Wednesdays with this study, looking for the Conditional/Unconditional promises. I think it might be because of the style of writing in my translation, since it’s a letter and it’s more personal (which I love). But, one thing that stood out as a promise, is that we ALL have a gift to use in the church.

Verse 7 “…he has given each one of us a special gift…”NLT

I have also learned that the “traditional” gifts are not always “your” giftI think sometimes we forget how diverse the church is for two common reasons.

1. We forget the Church is the people and not the building.  Growing up in the church in the US, it can be easy for me to forget that the Church isn’t the same as the church services. What I mean is, the church is “…the body of Christ” as stated in verse 12. It crosses the borders of denominations, it crosses the borders of the countries, so long as we are united with Christ’s spirit, we are in the same Church.

2. We have a misconception that the common or traditional gifts are the only gifts. When I personally think about gifts for the church, I think of teachers, preachers, and singers. But there is so much more! The church also needs people willing to pray, to clean, to run the office (after all, a church building has bills too). The Church as a whole also needs people to remember them in prayer even if they are in a different country or unknown to you. You could have a desire for crafting or shopping for others, and that can be your talent! You know those crosses and pictures on the wall? They came from somewhere. Those throw pillows on the office chairs, someone had to buy them and bring them to church. Does your church have regular luncheons or food-based fundraisers? You can purchase the frequently used food items, or better yet a gift card to your grocer. The point is, we may have to be creative, but if we sincerely ask God to show us what our talent/gift is, He will.

So, there you go. My thoughts that were provoked by that one portion of that one verse.  It’s time to get off the computer and get my son ready for meeting the school bus, then help my husband get ready for his class, then head off to 2 interviews today and get in touch with a third business to schedule an interview with them for this week.  I still have 5 weeks left in this Hello Mornings challenge, and I have a plethora of notes from the previous weeks………..there’ll be more posts.