4 Week Advent Study: Week 1 Day 1

Full passage Luke 1:26-38. Focus passage, verse 37

“For the word of God will never fail.” ~ Luke 1:37 NLT

How fitting it is that Advent is right after the Thanksgiving weekend; flowing directly into a season of reflecting on His promises, giving thanks for His gift of salvation and unrelenting love, and looking forward to the future.

The focus verse is a promise from Him. “For the word of God will never fail”…not only does that mean the promises in Scripture will come to pass in their fulfilled time, but the personal word He gives to us will not fail. It is an absolute truth. It may not come to pass in the way we expected or in a way we understand, but it will be fulfilled.

His unrelenting love. It won’t allow us to remain in our sin.  Yes, God wants us to come to Him as we are, right here, right now; not because He wants us to be comfortable around him in our filthy sin, but because He wants to cleanse off our filth to reveal who we were supposed to be.

Imagine it this way, an artist creates a beautiful masterpiece, his greatest creation now or ever…nothing has been as beautiful, nothing will be as beautiful. Then the picture gets covered in mud and becomes filthy and it goes into reproduction that way. He now has to seek out the reproductions so they can be altered. Changing the reproduction from the way it was made is the only way to have its envisioned beauty fulfilled.

 A short post this time as I had many distractions and it took all day to complete. Tomorrow will be a new adventure and a new lesson to reflect and share.


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