BOOK REVIEW: Snuggle Time Devotions that End with a Hug ~ by Stephen Elkins.


Thanks to Tyndale for the complimentary copy.

This review has been a long time coming, or so it seems. I was trying to wait until my 6 yr old and I had read the book entirely, but as he finished the book on his own during our move to a different state I will give my thoughts now, as well as his.

HIS THOUGHTS:  it was really, super good. His favorite parts were the reading and snuggling together, and he really liked the activities.

MY THOUGHTS: I love the fact that he could read 90% or more of the book unassisted (words like Zerubbabel are hard for anyone).

Of course I liked the snuggling too. I thought the activities were really creative, but they didn’t always work for us at bedtime.

Overall, it was a joy to read with my son. He was excited for our bedtime stories, was disappointed if we missed a reading, and the stories prompted questions about Heaven and Hell and salvation.

I plan on looking for more by this author. You can find out more about Stephen Elkins and his books here.

Rating: 5 stars