BOOK REVIEW: God and Churchill

god and churchill

Thanks to Tyndale for the complimentary copy of this biography

In this biography of Sir Winston Churchill, completed by Jonathan Sandys (a great-grandson) and Wallace Henley, we have a look into the life of the former Prime Minister. Well-known for his speeches and “bull dog” personality during the war, the readers will have a chance to learn not just about the famous orator but also to learn about the circumstances in his life that made him the man he was.

From his early life we learn of the strong influence his nanny had on his upbringing, his time as a soldier, a war correspondent, the financial hardships, and overwhelming lack of support from both political parties. Nevertheless, Sir Winston Churchill was not one to back down from what he knew to be the right course of action.

This biography is abundant with quotes from other biographers, family members, and Sir Churchill himself. If you want a glimpse into the man behind the celebrity, this is a fantastic place to start.

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