Book Review: Tranquility – A prayer and reflection coloring journal

journal cover

Thanks to Tyndale for the complimentary copy


The design of the coloring pages was great, pretty much what you would expect for an adult coloring theme. It’s not your typical journal though. While there is space on every page to write down your thoughts and reflections, sometimes there is only about a quarter of the page reserved for that purpose and the rest is devotions and/or coloring. It is also a smaller size than I anticipated, and some of the pages are just for reflection as the pictures are not for coloring. See below

journal only.jpg

Overall, I’m very happy with this book, but I do wish it was a bit larger to make room for more reflective writing and note taking.



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BOOK REVIEW~ The Polygamist’s Daughter by Anna LeBaron


Thanks to Tyndale for the complimentary copy of this memoir

I’ve been on a memoir kick lately, and Anna’s name seemed vaguely familiar so naturally I had to add her book to my collection. For some reason though, it was a challenge to get through.  I have a suspicion part of the reason it took me so long to finish though was the more challenging classes at the university in addition to the changes at work (which always inevitably brings some level of chaos).

There were times that it took me a week to finish one chapter, then other times I could read 5 chapters in one sitting. The latter third of the book was a faster read and oddly the more shocking for me.

Despite all the trauma and upheaval Anna faced as a child, her memoir ends with an encouraging epilogue which states

…my mom and I had reached the beginning of the end of my healing journey. I said the things that needed to be said — even though it hurt her to hear me say them — and found steady ground for us to walk on. I know that because of both my father and my mother, I was born the polygamist’s daughter. 

But that truth has been redeemed by a bigger Truth. I am a child of God who loves me unconditionally. He knows my name. He knows my story.

And He has set me free.

The memoir also features numerous photographs and a Q&A section as well. While I can’t honestly say that it was my favorite book from Tyndale, it is still one that I would recommend to others.