Challenge re-take Week 1

Well, I haven’t exactly been getting up at “0-dark thirty”.  But I definitely feel a spiritual growth in my soul.

The past week I read the Names of God Bible Study by Lara Velez. Some people have criticized her work because (I’m assuming) she’s not a traditional/formal author. However, take it from me, this woman is a blessing.  While reading this study I felt her heart for other women speaking clearly through her writing.

The Scriptures that stood out to me the most during this Bible study were Psalm 93:2, John 8:34-36, Romans 6:6 and Philippians 2:13.

Your throne, O Lord, has stood from time immemorial.

You yourself are from the everlasting past. 
Psalm 93:2
The meaning of immemorial is “extending back beyond memory, record, or knowledge”. Other words of the same/similar meaning are timeless, ancient, and ageless. It struck me once again how the entirety of God is beyond my ability to comprehend, “Your throne, O Lord, has stood from beyond memory”…. I cannot fathom the fullness of God’s existence, I can only see glimpses of Him that grow and expand, like an ever-growing puzzle. No  wonder Jesus spoke in parables.
For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.
Philippians 2:13
This verse in Philippians was so vital for me to hear that day. After feeling like I had failed miserably with the Hello Mornings Challenge and not waking up before my early-bird son, I felt like my desire to get up was not enough. But this verse, this was my confirmation or reassurance that I was on the right path. I may not be a seasoned early morning riser yet, (not by far!) but my heart is true. I sincerely and desperately want to arise early, to welcome the day by watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee in one hand and my Bible in the other.
SO, I am not there yet, but after finishing this blog I have decided I will indeed take part in the summer challenge of Hello Mornings. I can’t wait til registration is open and I can continue on my journey. See you next week…….or two weeks at the latest.

Hello Mornings…….

A while ago I started a challenge to get up earlier. I signed up with Hello Mornings, joined the facebook page for the group I am in, read through some ebooks and blogs……….and yeah, I have promptly gone back to being a night owl who sleeps in past eight most days.


So, I am going to go back to the beginning and re-educate myself on why I wanted to do this in the first place. I am going to make a point of writing down my thoughts during this time and post on this blog once a week. Now that classes are over I no longer have the excuse of homework to stay up late at night. It is also amazing how much cleaner my apartment has been this week since I’m not on the computer checking in to class and doing assignments. Facebook is still sucking away hours of my life, however.


See you in about a week!